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Nothing says it better than a YouTube video! Check out what the Coaches had to say here -


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SPECIAL INVITATION - SportWays TOP HOCKEY Clinic / Princess DUTCH Clinic


Local Coaches are invited to be part of the FULL SportWays TOP Hockey Clinic as volunteer coaches every January. 

Unlike all other coaching clinics in SA, we are passionate about putting back into the local coaches hence local coaches are invited to this rare learning opportunity with the pro SportWays Technical Director coaches at NO CHARGE! We have a special day of coach education specifically aimed at local coaches the day prior to the clinic. The local coaches are given a presentation by the SportWays TD's and also get on the pitch as the expert coaches do some demonstrations too! This is followed by a coaching team braai where food and drinks are provided. Then local coaches get to learn from the best by joining the pro SportWays Technical Directors coaches coaching team for the duration of the 2day or 4day clinic. Local coaches are given a free Princess SportWays Coaching shirt and cap. Lunch and drinks are covered daily.


All you need to do is get involved and have a blast with us while learning from the BEST! We only ask you be so kind as to spread the word about the SportWays TOP HOCKEY Clinic to ALL your players. We can email you a flyer or drop off flyers at your club / school for you to distribute - please contact us asap at Otherwise hit those whatsapp groups, school communicators and share the message on social media (SportWays has facebook, twitter and instagram)!


The staff registration function via this website is now working via


Coaches will be notified by the end of November if they have been accepted to participate in the SportWays TOP HOCKEY Clinic in January. 


If you clicked on the STAFF link looking for contact details of the clinic coordinators - please click here.


Read a first hand account here about how SportWays SA coaches can see the world! A reward for their loyalty to SW, their passion for hockey and coaching and they top coaching ability!