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High Performance Hockey

SportWays Elite High Performance Hockey 2022 / 2023 is officially launched (by invitation only)! 


Congratulations to the WP Boys players and coaches who won GOLD (u18A team) and GOLD (u16A team) at the 2023 IPT's. 


Why should you attend SW Elite HPH?

The best junior High Performance in South Africa with an 11 year proven track record of medals! Only the best players in the Province are invited to train together with our elite group of coaches. 

  • U16A WP team - gold medal (2011 – 2015, 2017, 2022 and 2023) and silver (2019) and bronze medal (2018)
  • U18A WP team – gold medal (’11,’13,’14,’17,'19 and 2023) and bronze medal (2012, 2018, 2022)


Many many many of our HPH players have made the SAu16, SA u17, SA u18 and SA u21 teams! And now due to the lengthy success of the program these players have also broken through to the senior national team level too!

On average between 50% and 75% of the players making the WP provincial teams attend our HPH program by choice. It keeps the WP players ahead of the rest of the country! 


What is SportWays Elite High Performance Hockey?

HPH is a 4 year hockey development program-starting with u14/u15 players which gives them all the skills and grounding needed to develop into provincial players, preparing them for the next age group. The focus is on the key areas required for a high performance program:

1. Skills development (train specialist skills you aren't able to train in the team environment or during season)

2. Conditioning - hockey specific


It is the best players in the Province training with and against one another WITH the best coaches in the Province. This is not just another school level training. This is the best training you can get at elite age group level. 


Our coaching staff this year is exceptional and a team that has worked together for more than 5 years now.

Bryce West – Head coach of the u17 group (current WP Boys u18A gold medal winning head coach)

Devin Stanton – Director of the Elite High Performance program and assists both groups (former WP Boys u18A head coach and gold medal winner, current WPu18A Technical Analyst, national senior men’s team trainer, SA u16 boys trainer & WP Senipr Mens Head Coach (2023 senior IPT winner))

Jody Erasmus – Head Coach of the u15 group (former WP Boys u16A head coach)

Goalies will get a number of top local goalie coaches to work with them on a weekly basis. 



We are proud to be endoresed by Western Province Hockey Union as an offcial High Performance service provider and the ONLY endorsed program for WP school boys. All players that attend our program will be guided by national high performance guides which are monitored by Kurt Cerfontyne the HP director of WP Hockey.


WP Boys High Performance Training Details:

  • Age group: U15 & u17 boys in 2023 - the boys will be u16 and u18 in 2024. 
  • Venue: Western Province Cricket Club Astro
  • Spots: only 18 spots in EACH training group. Very limited space - INVITE ONLY!
  • Training day: Sunday
  • Times: 10:00 – 12:00 (single session) and 10:00 to 13:30 (double session)
  • Cost for outfield players: R2100 per player for 14 weeks, 20 sessions and 37 hours of elite coaching (only R57 per hour)
  • Cost for goalies: R2300 per goalie
  • Links to registration below....



Term 4 - 2023

  • 22 October 2023 – Single session
  • 29 October 2023 – Double session
  • 5 November 2023 - Single session
  • 12 November 2023 - Double session
  • 19 November 2023 - Single session
  • 25 November 2023 - Single session
  • 3 December 2023 – Single session
  • 10 December 2023 – Single session


 Term 1 - 2024

  • 4 feb– Double session
  • 11 feb– Double session
  • 18 feb– Double session
  • 25 feb– Double session
  • 3 march– Double session

12 to 14 week program


The off-season program will start on Sunday, 22 October 2023 and with the final session being Sunday, 10 December 2023.

The pre-season program will then start on the Sunday, 4 February 2024 with the final session being Sunday 3 March 2024. 


REGISTER NOW to secure your spot - INVITATION ONLY! Invites have been sent to the appropriate provincial and national and zonal players.


If you would like to motivate why you qualifiy to attend, please contact Bryce at so we can assess accordingly.