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Strikers vs Goalies Challenge

We present the Strikers v Goalies Challenge powered by SportWays and Jacques le Roux!


Goal scoring and goal saving are the most influential moments in the game of field hockey.

SportWays in partnership with Jacques Le Roux and his goalkeeping school bring you a clinic designed specifically to develop skills in this phase of the game.

A program that will develop your goalkeeping presented by South Africa's best goalie trainer and arguably one of the best in the world. Jacques will tune your technique to make those telling saves.


What will a save be without a pin point shot on goal??!!

Our internationally experienced SporWays Technical Directors have designed specific scoring exercises that will turn goal scoring into an ART. Skills that blew your mind on the international circuit will be made available to you at this clinic, all you need to do is sign up!

We hope you ready for the next level challenge as keepers and Strikers go head to head to see who is best!! 


Who will be crowned the Striker v Goalie Champion of 2017??


Date and time - to be confirmed! The one shcedule for the 7th October in Cape Town has been post-poned. All participants were emailed.