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Junior Hockey Programs

SportWays offers only the highest quality junior coaching for players aged 6 to 14 years old in our Junior Hockey and Mini programs. 


Each program has been staffed with top SportWays Technical Directors who are ready to improve your hockey and have a ton of fun while doing it!

The existing WPCC junior hockey club program continues after an awesome start in 2016! The mini Badgers will be hosting and playing in their first ever Junior Club Festival (match days) at the end of each term!


This year we will be launching another top junior program in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town! It's going to be an awesome year at Bellville Junior Hockey Club!

Along with the launch of these programs we will be offcially kicking off our Sportways GOALIE Schools powered by the one and only Jacques Le Roux (Goalkeeing 101). The goalie schools will be offering specialist goalie coaching as the position of goalie requires specialist knowledge and coaching. 


Our goal is to give your school coach NO EXCUSE not to select you!


An overview of all junior club coaching programs is here! Or click on the OVERVIEW tab on this page!


Please ensure that you sign up for the correct program as there are many - don't get confused! 


WPCC Junior Hockey Club (Mini Badgers) program (Cape Town) - please click HERE!


Bellville Hockey Club Junior Hockey program - please click HERE - please click HERE!





WPCC Junior Hockey Club will be hosting two awesome junior hockey club festivals for ALL junior hockey clubs in Cape Town! One at the end of Term 2 and one again at the end of Term 3! It's going to be awesome!



All goalkeepers will receive specialist training from some of the best goalie coaches out there. Please note that goal keepers will have to pay slightly more as their coaching is more specialized. Please note that goal keepers will only be offered specialized coaching if they have signed up for the goalie school.


10% early registration discount

If you register and pay one month before the program starts, we assist with a 10% early registration discount. This code needs to be manually typed in while registering online. Absolutely NO refunds or credits for missed discounts. Please refer to the specific program info to get the code.


What to bring?



Late registrations welcome!

- NO CASH payments accepted on the day. Must register online and pay upfront please.


Annual Program:
Term 2 (6 sessions) and Term 3 (6 sessions) on Sunday mornings.
Term 4 (6 sessions) on Friday evenings.
All terms require separate registrations and payments. 


Email us at with any questions if info is not above.