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National Super Skills Challenge


Austin Smith and SportWays invite YOU to take the NATIONAL SUPER SKILLS CHALLENGE designed by Austin Smith himself, SA's best player and SA men's hockey captain! Do you accept the challenge?


Austin has become a world class player and has a set of world class skills to share with you no matter your current technical ability! Powered by SportWays the Dutch experts in hockey coaching, the set of 6 specific skills Austin would like you to learn to take your game to the next level is aimed at players 6 to 13 years old, both guys and girls and will be presented by our top SportWays Technical Directors. 


Austin wishes his parents had sent him to high quality holiday clinics so he could have been a better player today! So improve your skills and have a ton of fun with SportWays during the school holidays.


Each SuperSkills session will include a tournament round of the NEW FIH format, HOCKEY 5's or "SportWays 5Z"! This is the format of the u17 Youth Olympic Games and a great opportunity for players to implement the skills learnt. 


GOALIES - there is no specific challenge for goalies. Goalies are welcome to take part in the National SuperSkills Challenge as outfield players and then play goalie during the SportWays 5Z tournament. 


2016 National SuperSkills Challenge Program

  • Qualifying Round 1 - June / July 2016 school holidays
  • Qualifying Round 2 - September / October 2016 school holidays
  • Ad-hoc rounds - schools / clubs are welcome to contact us to run a qualifying round at their club / school any time during 2016. 
  • FINALS - during Greenfields Princess Dutch Clinic in January 2017



- Players can attend one or all of the qualifying rounds to have fun or improve their overall scores.

- A leaderboard will be kept on SportWays website showing only the top 10 players in each region across all qualifying rounds.

- The top 5 finalists in each region win a FREE spot in the Greenfields Princess Dutch Clinic , SA's highest quality coaching clinic where they will compete in the FINALS of the National SuperSkills Challenge to stand a chance of being crowned the NATIONAL SUPER SKILLS CHAMPION!

- Everyone receives a certificate for participating in the National SuperSkills Challenge!


CHAMPIONSHIP Titles up for grabs!

  • EVENT Champion - the winners of each event in u9, u11 and u13 boys and girls
  • REGIONAL Champion - the winners of each region (Durban, Cape Town and Joburg to start) in u9, u11 and u13 boys and girls
  • NATIONAL Champion - the best u9, u11 and 13 boys and girls across SA



Take the National Super Skills Challenge now!


Read more about SportWays partnership with Austin Smith and the National Super Skills Challenge here!


Check out the Austins challenge here: