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Goalie information

The 4day SportWays Goalie Clinics will have top local SA specialist goalie coaches, coaching the goalies specifically. Goalies will also be involved in training drills along with the rest of the outfield players. Goalies must pay the standard price of clinic as per normal as they will have specialised coaching.Specialist goal keeping coaching is offered at the following Princess Dutch Clinics at the same cost as the outfield participants:


The 2day Dutch Clinics will NOT have a specialist goalie coach coaching the goalies due to space constraints and the fact that there are not enough high quality specialised goalie coaches available in SA and we are not able to bring out specialist Dutch coaches for 20 clinics all happening at the same time across SA. However the goalies will be included in training drills along with the rest of the outfield players by the Dutch and top local SA coaches. It will still be very beneficial and fun for them to participate! Thus they are entitled to a 50% discount on the full cost of the clinic and it will still be very beneficial for them to attend. Please view our discount policy here for info on goalies discounts and ensure you register using your 50% discount code.